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Ride the agile wave - Remote Agility

Ride the agile wave - Remote Agility

Hey there! Let’s chat about something cool – how you can bring the Agile Manifesto to life while working remotely, using your everyday internal team messages.

Agile Manifesto: The Quick Rundown

First off, let’s remember what the Agile Manifesto is all about. It’s this nifty little guide that was cooked up for software development.  It’s super handy for about any teamwork, especially when you’re typing away from your home office. The Agile Manifesto’s key points are about valuing:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

  • Working software (or results) over comprehensive documentation

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  • Responding to change over following a plan

Cool, right? Now, how does this fit into your daily team chats?

The Chat Window: Your Agile Playground

When it comes to company communication, the most immediate and relatable is the chat window. Whether you use Slack, MS Teams, WhatsApp or ICQ, it is where you can make the biggest impact using an agile approach. Let's explore. 

Keep It Real and Relatable

First things first, when you’re messaging your team, drop the corporate jargon. Think of it as talking to a mate. This makes everyone feel more at ease and opens the door for honest, straightforward chats.

  • Typical Corporate Message: "Please be advised that your prompt attention to the aforementioned matter is highly appreciated."

  • Agile Communication: "Hey team, could you please give this a quick look when you can? Cheers!"

Quick But Not Rushed

Agile doesn’t mean you’ve got to be glued to your screen, ready to fire off a reply at lightning speed. It’s about being considerate and timely. Think “I’ve got your back” rather than “I’m watching your every move.”

  • Scenario: A team member asks for input on a project.

  • Rushed Response: Immediate, but vague and unhelpful.

  • Agile Communication: A response within a reasonable timeframe, offering specific, useful feedback.

Say It Like It Is

Ever been baffled by a message? Yeah, we’ve all been there. In your messages, be as clear as a sunny day. If you can say it in fewer, simpler words, do it! Never be afraid to ask what someone means by something, as tone and nuance is often lost in the text messages medium.

  • Confusing Message: "We need to strategize our objectives for enhanced synergy in our deliverables."

  • Agile Communication: "Let's plan how to work better together so we can nail this next upcoming project milestone.”

Feedback Is Your New Best Mate

In an agile world, feedback isn’t just some formal thing you do once in a blue moon. It’s part of your daily chats. Ask for it, give it, and use it to make things better.

  • Typical Scenario: Waiting for formal review meetings to give feedback.

  • Agile Approach: After a presentation, sending a quick message: "Great job on the presentation! Loved the design. Maybe next time we can include more data analysis?"

Team Vibes All the Way

Whenever you’re typing out a message, remember it’s about “us” not just “me.” Focus on what you’re all trying to achieve together. It’s like being part of a Adventuring Party you are all trying to save the world from the evil Necromancer together!

  • Individualistic Message: "I've finished my part of the project."

  • Agile Communication: "Just wrapped up my section. How's everyone else going? Anything I can help with?"

Celebrate the Little Things🍾

Got something done? Share it! These little wins are like virtual high-fives. They keep the team’s spirits up and show that, yes, you’re making progress, even if it’s just one small step at a time.

  • Typical Scenario: Only celebrating major project completions.

  • Agile Celebration: Sharing a quick message in the group chat: "Just nailed the client brief! Big thanks to everyone's input. Team effort for the win!"

Surfs up - Ride the Agile Wave!

So, there you have it. By using your daily team messages to live out the Agile Manifesto, you’re not just getting stuff done; you’re building a more connected, responsive, and downright awesome remote team. It’s about making your chat window a place where work gets done while keeping everyone in the loop and moving forward, together.

Keep it agile, keep it light, and watch as your team totally rocks the remote work life. Remember, every message is a chance to bring out the best in each other. Happy chatting! 🚀👩‍💻👨‍💻

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